Lead Generation

With hundreds of successful lead generation campaigns under our belt, we are your trusted source for delivering high quality leads. We generate for your business good quality, solid leads at mutually agreed Cost per Lead (CPL) rates. All our efforts like designing friendly landing pages, driving traffic from specific demographics and geographic areas, etc. ensure best quality leads and ROI for your business.

More Lead Generation means better ROI!

Do you want to generate more leads for your business with a precise and targeted approach? At Flawless India, we find more creative ways to help you grab the customers’ attention by breaking through the noise with our strategic SEO, SEM and PPC services. Sales leads are generated for your business from your website. The lead can be followed up with, because he fills in his contact details.

How Does Lead Based Marketing Work?

First and foremost, a lead is any person who shows some level of interest in purchasing your product or solution. They visit your landing page and fills in the enquiry form, expressing a desire to gather additional information about your offerings.

  • Additionally, there are other types of potential leads, too:
  • A visitor who contacts you by visiting Contact Us section of your website
  • A visitor who delves deep into your website
  • A visitor who signs up for your newsletter or connects with you on social media like Facebook

Benefits of Lead based marketing

Lead based marketing is a target-based marketing that ensures you are reaching out to the right audience by concentrating on consumer demographics and geographic locations.

It prevents wastage and helps you utilise your ad money to the maximum by eliminating advertising on pages not visited by your target audience.

Lead based marketing enhances your chances of increasing your sales by attracting, acquiring and engaging with a clearly defined and understood target audience.

How can we help you?

At Flawless India, our strategic mix of SEO services and PPC Services offers both inbound and outbound lead generation for your business. Our targeted approach to acquiring leads delivers top quality leads for your business. Our lead- based marketing is spread over four phases for most effective lead generation.

Phase 1:

We work closely with you to better understand your business and your target audience. Now, we work closely to devise the right strategies to achieve intended goals and objectives

Phase 2

Now our team starts working on a premium quality landing page that will drive your target audience to action. This page will be oriented towards getting the customer to sign up/ enter contact details in exchange for some relevant content or a compelling offer. The page is put on pilot run and the response is gathered.

Phase 3

Based on the gathered response, the campaign adjusted for optimum results. The experts then start working on advertisements keeping in mind the demographics and geographic of the target audience.

Phase 4:

The fourth phase deals with the final launch of the campaign where the landing page is fully optimised. Along with it, we launch aggressive advertising campaign on Google, Facebook, Amazon and other popular platforms:

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