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Ever wondered why your competitor’s sales are zooming and not yours? Is your page ranking constantly dropping? Aren’t your customers able to find your site on web searches? Is traffic to your site not increasing? Solutions to these and many other issues with your website is - Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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What We Bring To the Table :

Seeing your web pages rank higher, increasing traffic to your website and raising your sales is what we bring to the table. We do this with utmost transparency, honesty and collaboration. As each website is unique, we employ different Search Engine Optimization strategies accordingly. We guarantee that your web pages will be ranked higher – always! Our experienced SEO specialists will thoroughly examine your site and identify the gaps to fill. Advice and assistance regarding SEO is readily provided at Flawless India. We have a proven track record of helping our clients maximize their returns. Our portfolio is filled with famous companies and brands. By associating with us you too can achieve a healthy ROI.

Top Ranking—An invaluable competitive advantage

Our aim is to keep you at the top of the game through enhanced visibility, more traffic and more sales. Our SEO service is geared towards keeping you one step ahead of your competitors—Always! With a proven expertise in the domain, we guarantee top spot for your websites on the results returned by the search engines. And the icing on the cake is, we do it with complete transparency and honesty.

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At Flawless India, we have been successfully developing concepts for search engine optimization since many years. Affordable and transparent, our SEO services has a proven track record of delivering customers and maximising returns by securing top rank for you on the first page for targeted keywords. With a thorough SEO analysis, thousands of keywords in top rankings, an enviable portfolio of leading brands, plenty of awards and certifications from industry leading bodies, you can be rest assured we know how to get you found online.

SEO Tutorial Overview

1.On-Page Optimization

Optimizing Title

This is the most important part of your overall optimization strategy where your title provides a significant hint about the intended purpose of your mob app. After the title, it is now time for description. A good description explains in some detail about the use and purpose of your mobile app.

Icon and Icon Type

Icons as we know are important branding tools. Here, we create an icon that is persuasive and in sync with your business goals.

Designing Screen Shots

Our in-house team of designers work diligently to create attention grabbing, visually attractive and creative screen shots that trot out your app in the most appealing way.

Relevant video

We also make a video about your app and put it on relevant video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo so that users can be aware of its features and working.

2.Off-Page Optimization

App Rating

The higher the rating of an app, the more it is considered relevant to your cause. Keeping this in mind we try to get genuine user ratings for your app.

App reviews

We encourage positive and honest review from people who are using your app. This builds your app credibility and secures a higher ranking for it in search engine results.

Link Building

We also help in link building especially for apps placed in Google play as Google Play Store is directly linked to Google’s search indexes.

At Flawless India, we have the expertise and the resources to optimise your app so that your app gets found and downloaded.

Still have queries? Call us now on -- to get in touch with our app optimization experts and find out how we can help you generate additional revenue with your app.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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SEO Engagement Models

  • SEO

    If you’re looking for turnkey SEO solutions, we’ve got affordable SEO plans to meet most requirements and budgets.

  • SEO Consulting

    If you already have an in-house team for execution and only need help with strategy and monitoring, we can quote you an hourly rate for SEO consulting.

  • Dedicated SEO Resources

    If you have multiple projects or hundreds of keywords to be ranked, you could hire dedicated SEO resources or even a full SEO team with expertise in On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, content marketing, SEO copywriting etc.